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How to become a good poker player, this is of course the question many amateur poker players and beginners are asking themselves. Clearly there is a wide spectrum of players, from the giant whales, to the small fish, the small shark and the Phil Iveys of this world.

Of course there is no recipe to become good at poker, but here is a list of concepts characterizing good poker players. This is for low to mid-stakes players.

Good poker players play their good hands fast. The new or bad player tends to slow play his good hands, but the good player tends to play them fast. The reason the bad players slow play is that they remember too well when everyone folded to their bets when they had a monster, so they do not want this to happen again. But slow playing too often is bad poker.

Strong players rarely make obvious mistakes. This seems trivial, but the point here is that there are many standard moves that all the good players know. Like how to answer to a resteal from a loose player in the big blind, or how to play your nuts flush draws. So a must in poker is to know and apply the standard moves.

Making good value bets is important as well. Weak players may shy away from making their value bets, in part because they are afraid of a raise. But the masters know how to extract maximum value from their hands.

Good players can play both short-stacked or deep-stacked. But the good players usually like to play deep-stacked in order to make the maximum profits when they play against weaker players, so learn to play deep-stacked, and to buy-in for the maximum at ring games, such as 200BB.

Finally here are two moves that you should practice to become a better player. Have you ever raise fold? Most weak players will not fold once they feel committed so this is a rather difficult move, but you should do it once in a while.

If you are tight, do you ever call a raise pre flop when 2 or 3 players have called? This is a move that can win big pots especially in position even with medium hands.

In conclusion good poker players are hard to predict. So make it a habit not to have habits. Do not always play the same situations the same way, otherwise the sharks will fest on your flesh. Good Luck.

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