Record year for online poker

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The crisis, what crisis?

French online poker did not see any crisis. 2011 was a record year for gaming in general. But it is the online poker that takes the lion’s share on the Internet, with 8.8 billion euros wagered. Online poker represent over 80% of all recorded online bets.

Online poker has a 86% market share according to the regulatory authority for online games in 2011. This game attracts half of all the bettors: mostly young men and mostly people with graduate degrees. Behind the game of poker comes horse race betting: a billion euros in 2011 put in a total increase ompred to 2010. Then follows far behind the sports betting.

And there was a big tumble for sports betting in France. It does not seem to get as popular as it is in Anglo-Saxons countries. In 2010, the year of the opening of online games in France, sports betting had generated 450 million euros in bets. But only for seven months since paris Internet had been allowed only from the month of June. In 2011, over 12 months, the bets do not even total 600 million euros and they are low: on average less than 10 euros. The bets on soccer fell by 20%, for tennis 36%.

In 2010, sports betting was boosted by the World Cup of Soccer, and perhaps by curiosity. However, last year’s World Cup of Rugby has not unleashed the crowds. Will sports betting get a boost from the Olympic Games in 2012? Wait and see. This will be the test for French sports betting, but in more established markets like the USA or the UK, there is no doubt that the Olympic Games will generate a lot of betting as they always do. The thing is, in the UK for example, punters have been betting on sporting events for decades. Whereas the French have by tradition only bet on the Sunday horse races, though the Pari Mutuel.

It may take some time for the French to catch up, but as the country gets more American every day there is no reason to believe that sports betting will not rise in popularity at some point.

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French group FT1 enters online gaming market

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When it took control of the sports betting online business of paris which owns a license for the United Kingdom online gaming market, the TF1 group is positioning itself for the upcoming opening up of the French online gambling market.

Among French online poker players, it seems that the media group TF1 is going full throttle. Recently, the media group which has always remained limited to pure media activities has shown its ambitions on the French market for games on the Internet. When this market get officially legalized, and the legislative train expected to arrive on time this June has gathered great speed with support from the highest political echelons.

The other recent announcement from the group FT1 was the exclusive partnership with the French company Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) for a period of three years. This will lead to a gaming space FDJ – lotteries, sports paris, poker – hosted on the site This is one of the top French website with 16, 9 million unique visitors in December 2009.

It got a licensing agreement to develop online games from scratch in the distribution of the JDF. This promises that once the new law is enacted in the Summer the French online gambling market will explode.

The media chain announcement of the takeover of the site paris sports is the latest step in the conquest of French online gambling. The deal includes the subsidiary Eurosport controlled at 50% by buying the other half of the capital held by the investment fund Serendipity, endorsed by the Bouygues group and Artemis, the holding company Pinault family, headed by its former CEO Patrick Le Lay. The amount of the transaction was not made public.

The French market is simply red hot at the moment. So if you are French or if you have a French girlfriend, keep posted for the latest developments as this is one gambling market we are particularly interested in following.

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