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Modern online poker is getting a very sophisticated game, almost an arbitraged game.

Arbitrage is a term borrowed from finance, which is not normally used in poker yet, but maybe the time will come. Arbitrage means that the players in a market think purely on a mathematical basis and attempt to seek and extract value wherever it can be found.

This is what is happening nowadays in online poker with the extensive proliferation of poker software, online poker tools and poker trackers. These programs are designed to perform in-depth analysis of historical hands in order to detect patterns. To profile your opponents, even the ones you have never met, and to detect and help you improve your leaks.

The standard three statistics at the core of such analysis are the so-called VPIP/PFR/AF, which represents in the same order (1) tightness pre flop, (2) aggression pre flop and (3) aggression post flop. Every online poker player can be cataloged first with only these three stats and this provides already a very idea about his playing style.

For example in a full ring no-limit Texas holdem game, a good VPIP should range between 10 and 18 roughly, possibly 8 for excellent rocks or 20-22 for ultra-aggressive pseudo-maniacs; but generally speaking if your VPIP diverges too much from 15, it means that you are a fish and observant players who are savvy about poker tracking will target you specifically.

It you are too tight with VPIP below 9, it means that you are a rock so most players will avoid confrontations with you. If it is above 25, then you play way to loose and the regulars will attempt to isolate and test you.

Similarly with all stats. Because all these poker tools enable to run zillions of tests and to determine optimal values for all these statistics or group of statistics, anyone found to diverge from such ideal number will be chased without mercy for his exposed leak.

There many other stats, and at higher stakes levels it is necessary to use more subtle ones. For example another favorite is CB = continuation bet, which indeed is a good reflection of the ability to bluff while not getting caught too often. A measure of credibility and guts, so to speak.

So good luck and remember to run your poker tracker when you play online poker.

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