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Let’s first talk about poker at the low limits. Since many poker players limp to see the flop, bluffing is almost meaningless. You must raise with your strong cards, otherwise it is like slowly seeing your bankroll evaporate. The important poker skills at this level are a good understanding of odds and knowing when it is best to fold.

If you know how to play good poker, you should only sometimes bluff, but you must bet and raise with premium hands, augmenting the pot size when you are leading. Don’t be afraid to throw a bullet to increase the pot is also important because you need to be cautious not to provide cheap cards to the other players.

Next is poker at the mid levels. Almost all the players at these stakes can beat the low limits, but you will also meet here and there players who are only slightly knowledgeable about the game, but have enough money to afford to play regularly. Most pots are played with 3 or less players.

Your opponents will be playing aggressively. Make bets to increase the pots when you are the favorite to win the hand, especially against opponents who love to call or raise with decent strength hands, but not the really good hands. If you have achieved good results in low-limit poker, the transition to mid-stakes can be very profitable for you.

Now it is time for the high stakes. These games always are tight and aggressive. You will often encounter opponents who are stronger than you. Do not play with them but seek juicy tables where money can be won because of a whale or two. If you search well, you will find such tables waiting for you.

The average player knows how to play poker well, probably having put a lot of time and effort learning the game. Bluff, semi-bluff, deception and marginal plays to control the pots are very important skills against these players. Aggressive poker game with strong premium cards is always the best way to play. But you can win bluffing. If you focus on the selection of tables and hands, you may make money in these high stakes games.

There may be some variations, but basically the way your opponents play will be well understood and it will be hard to find a way to control the table. The players are very aggressive in fighting for the blinds, and use creative techniques to the game of poker. This is the difficulty of seating at these tables. Bluffs all in, post flop 3-bets, stealing and restealing occur more than anywhere else. The variance in these games is out of this world, and the average poker player here can easily loose it all.

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