Poker or college

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I really hate to hear of folks dropping out of college to pursue being a professional poker player.

There is no reason that both can’t be accomplished at the same time. My friend played poker to support himself, his wife and 3 children in New York City of all places and also finished his doctorate in Biology at the same time.

So if you think you have it rough with no responsibilities but yourself to take care of and that you need all of your time to play poker, you should really reconsider your line of thinking. Poker has been extremely nice to him in more ways than one throughout his career, but he wouldn’t give anything for the experiences and knowledge that he obtained while attending college.

Those days at school have had a huge impact on shaping the person that he is today and which without he would be a much different and no doubt a less fulfilled person intellectually and emotionally. He can certainly see nothing wrong in taking a little time away from school as he did that as well after his freshman year and went into the military for a stint (although Nuclear Power School was not really taking much time off from school) and then drove semis for a year afterwards before he was ready to get back to the job of attending school.

Just make sure that you don’t thwart yourself by not going back to school before you get too old and have responsibilities besides yourself to attend to, because I can assure you that makes the road a much more difficult one to traverse.

Poker is a mirage for many. They expect an easy life of leisure in front of them but this is quite the opposite. The opportunity to get an education is something that should not be dismissed lightly.

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