Playing versus a TAG

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Playing a TAG requires some adjustment, like playing a maniac, a LAG or a calling station of course. For example it is usually better to just come out betting with most of your good hands on the end. And to avoid getting involved heads-up with your weak hands.

One important concept is to not try to steal their blinds. Since TAGs do not over-protect their blinds, your attempts to steal will often succeed. However, when they fail, they can be quite costly, particularly if you are in the small blind, as the big blind has position on you.

If he calls, you are one on one with the toughest player. Your cards are weak and he has position on you. That’s the last place you want to be at a poker table. Furthermore, he will recognize your late position and be willing to reraise with some “marginal” hands. In other words he may exploit you without mercy if he has read through your attempt at deception.

If the TAG is to your immediate left, suggest to him that you chop the blinds. This means each player takes back his money and this is allowed at live poker games. Chopping is particularly desirable, and quite customary, in games with a rake. Don’t wait until the situation arises; agree in advance.

You don’t want to fight anyone to your left, but provoking a very tough player there is really asking for trouble. What do you do for an encore, challenge Mike Tyson to a biting contest?

Overall you want to avoid any time of confrontation against the TAG as much as you can. You would only stay at such a table if there are other weak players at that table to give you an incentive. Play them as much as you possibly can, but avoid the TAG like the plague unless you have a monster.

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